Josephine Diago  | Vocals, Lyrics

Josephine Diago | Vocals, Lyrics

Carlos Bauer da Silva  | Guitar, Composing, Arrangement, Lyrics

Carlos Bauer da Silva | Guitar, Composing, Arrangement, Lyrics

Giuseppe Sciandrone  | Vocals, Guitar

Giuseppe Sciandrone | Vocals, Guitar

Nino Re  | Backing Vocals

Nino Re | Backing Vocals

Entremundos – intermediate worlds – creates a fusion between various rhythms and music styles that tend to contrast with one another, such as: Jazz, Blues, Flamenco, Rock, Rap, Brasilian Chorinho, Pop, Funk and Rumba. Thus you could describe them as cross-styler or world musicians. The band is able to claim this title due to their culturally diverse musician pool and their self-composed songs. Every song is dedicated to a new challenge and creative freedom.

The band is composed of musicians with different roots and musical backgrounds and experiences. Entremundos' colourful music is mainly sung in Portuguese and Spanish, but English, German or Italian also make an appearance.

Entremundos' lyrics are as diverse as the musical stylistics. Within the band Carlos and Josephine are responsible for quill and ink. But they also work together with poets from Brazil and Italy. The Brazilian physicist, musician and poet Bruno Kohl wrote the Lyrics of Menina, Angola, Buñuel and Espaço Tempo e Flor. The lyrics of the brandnew song I Mostri were written by the Italian poet, author and musician Francesco M. T. Tarantino. Due to the same song the base for a faithful co-operation with The Mindpalace has been established.

The band was originally formed as duo by Giuseppe and Josephine in 2013. They met Carlos shortly after and experienced an immediate connection, musically and personally. Even though both guitarists come from different genres they instantly had their own resonating language, in which Josephine could embed her voice naturally. They found their harmony inbetween their worlds – Entremundos came into existence.
The band was complete when first Luca, then Bene joined in.

Be part of this unique and extraordinary world of colours!
Be part of the Entremundos family!

Entremundos means ‘between worlds’ as well as ‘intermediate world’. This is perfectly indicated by the owl representing the band’s totem creature. Just like this nocturnal hunter with its widespread wings, the band unfolds their sound in the cross hairs of contrary, yet compatible soundscapes: Flamenco meets funk, reggae rocks rumba, and soulful ballads play with poetic Latin sounds.
— Rheinpfalz-NR. 193 | Birgit Karg